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To all St Petri Parents….

The Eroding Haystack

 “Societal pressures are growing heavier and heavier today at an earlier and earlier age.

At the same time the support systems which traditionally upheld adolescents through their developmental journey are eroding.”

– Rich Melheim –

Faith Inkubators Director

To all Parents of all children and young people……..

We are inviting you to a gathering of all parents of children and young people who are connected to St Petri to consider how we can uphold and support our children through their childhood and teenage years as we head into 2013.

We will engage in some dialogue about the challenge of parenting children and teens in our age, think about what we can do together to help each other in our role as parents and share some time together.

St Petri Parents’ Gathering

Friday November 9th, 2012

St Petri Hall

7.00pm – 8.30pm then supper

Please bring a plate of supper to share

Creche provided for young children

 RSVP by Friday 2nd November to St Petri Office

 We urge you to put this one on your calendar. There will be no call to sign up for anything, do anything or decide anything – just good conversation and thinking about how we can share the journey of parenting our kids at St Petri.

In His peace,

Pastor Adrian Kitson

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