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The Way Through

We have been through a lot as a school community these last few years and we wonder what God has to do with all of this.

The people in our community who gather on campus every Sunday to hear God’s Word and receive his gifts of grace in worship have begun a spiritual journey together centred on the second book of the bible – the book of Exodus.

The name of the book, “Exodus”, means “way out” or “way through”. It is the account of all that God did through his reluctant leader, Moses, to lead his people out of the forced labour and oppression they were living under in the country of Egypt under the Pharaoh (either Pharaoh Rameses II or Seti I).

It is a book of the bible that contains THE great accounts of faith for the Jewish people, and now because of that Jesus of Nazareth said and did, for Christians. It tells the story of Moses, that unique, but reluctant and flawed leader of God’s people. It tells of the constant lack of faith, wrong behaviour and whinging of God’s people! It tells of the giving of those precious and unique guidelines for living with God and each other in harmony (the 10 Commandments), upon which our moral law and personal ethics are based.

Really the whole journey of Exodus, from hard labour and oppression to freedom to live with God and each other in community is all about knowing God – both personally, as Moses was enabled to do and then as a community, as the people of Israel learned to do.

For us now, it is still a story of a “way through” whatever we are facing. it tells of normal human beings being led by, taught by, loved by God, through thick and thin, in times of ease with lots of water and food about, and times of hardship, when they are on the edge of being annihilated by an enemy or dying of thirst and hunger out in the desert. Wherever we are at, God shows himself to be a God who hears us, sees us, and is very concerned about us (Exodus 2:24).

You can join the conversation if you like. 1. You can turn up to church at 9.30am on Sunday mornings in the Middle School building.

2. You can go to this blog ( and follow the sermons and comments of others as we go. You can leave your comments too!

3. You can rock up at Wednesday Night Word, on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm in the Chat Room, and be a part of other people talking about their journey and how that relates to the Exodus journey.

He is the way through all things.


Pr Adrian

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