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The Prodigal God

You are invited and invited to invite your friends to something on at St Petri!

There is an opportunity for people to find some spiritual input in an adult learning experience called The Prodigal God beginning at St petri Lutheran Church on Sunday July 31 and going for 6 weeks on either a Tuesay evening (7.30pm) or a Wednesday morning (9.15am) timeslot.

The Prodigal God is a DVD based small group learning/sharing experience that will help people find God’s grace anew and also challenge people in practicing a gracious heart toward others in Jesus’ name.

Tim Keller is a Presbyterian minister working in New York City among mainly 20 -40 somethings. He really gets the current current western culture and has a real gift in getting to the heart of things. In this series he unpacks that famous, but often misunderstood parable Jesus told about the lost son (ThePprodigal Son – Luke 15).

We are engaging ina congregation wide, multi age experience of this series and i believe it will give those who participate a new realisation of GOd’s grace and a real challenge to be God’s grace in new ways for people around us.

You Can view a short preview of the Prodigal God experience here

You can sign up for this journey by calling 8562 1011 9-5 Monday to Friday. Cost is $15.00 9includes a personal study guide and journal

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