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Slow journey Game for me

I know I will sound like a grumpy old traditionalist here. But it is my website! Love cricket. Always have. Saw Dennis Lillee and Jeff Thomson thundering away at the WACA to Viv Richards and Clive Lloyd and then Michael Holding and Joel Garner firing back at Allan Border and Dean ones among so many brilliant others.

I have coached juniors, umpired juniors, spent weekend after weekend on the boundary line with three of our kids supporting them learn this great game.

I enjoyed the game this week - Day 2 of the test between India and Australia. The was brilliant - 22 runs and 15 wickets. Action all day.

It was a twilight test. That is where the trouble begins for me. With the evening time slot comes the razzmatazz of the cricket I don't enjoy - 20/20 Big Bash League. Music between overs. Led light stumps...... No thanks.

I like my cricket like one of those slow journey train trips that were shown last year on telly. Cricket that just rolls on - sometime fast and a lot of the time not.

Give me the creams or the whites and that's it. Give me a five day game that is a real test of character as much as skill. Give me the time to chat to a friend (or in this case, two of my lads), glance at the news paper as the game goes on and the ability to weave the whole day together so as not to miss much but enjoy much. Give me tie to listen in to the ABC commentary on cricket, but also life in general, for the day.

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