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Shepherds of the Shepherd

Excellent SA/NT Pastors Conference this weekend. Thankyou to the St Petri Ministry Team for stepping up the Call from the lord of the Church to lead our people in worship, and to the St Petri people for happily allowing their pastor to share in the fellowship of fellow under-shepherds (a band of brothers in faith- like Jake and Elwood – “The Blues Brothers” ) for the weekend!

Much good time was spent considering the gift of God called Sabbath rest. From the Old Testament through to the New and then to Luther’s small catechism, we reflected on the gift of rest in the Lord every 7th day.

All of this was encountered on the weekend of Good Shepherd Sunday. Very appropriate and very meaningful. God is our pastor. We pastors are loved and shepherded by him (as are all his people). We have the special place of shepherding and lead/loving/serving God’s loved people.

What a privilege to be in this church of ther Good Shepherd! What a challenge to enjoy in shepherding the lost, the lonely, the cynical, the pain-filled people with whom we all work, rest and play.

May we at St Petri and in all places where the Great Shepherd loves us, learn even more to love, serve and lead many to their Good Shepherd who loves them, leaves the 99 to get them, and speaks his word so that they hear his voice.


Under-Shepherd Adrian

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