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Padre A at the Alice

It was cold but it was great!

Pastors Havelberg (Zion, Gawler), Schuppan, Victor Harbour), Minge (St Paul, Enfield), Mogg (Port Lincoln) and myself rode up to pastors Conference and Convention of the SA/NT District, held for the very first time ever in Alice Springs. We met at Port Augusta, stayed the night there, then stayed at Cadney Station and then on to Pastors Conference at Yurara College.

Three of us came back together and the other two stayed on to take a look at Uluru.


Spendign quality “bloke” time with felow pastors/mates.

Me winning the SA/NT District synod song competition with my song called, “Where love come to life”

One or two long nights around the campfire at the Alice Spring Lutheran Church Mission centre or at a certain Reverend Kuss’s shed.

A presentation on the book of Leviticus relates to indigenous culture by Paul Traeger.

Holy Communion worship at Emily Gorge led by indigenous and whitefella pastors.

Singing in indigenous languages

Heatring Pr Basil Schild call the church to continue the work of reconcilation and justice n behalf of indigenous Australia

The magnificent Lamb Shanks at Glendambo Station on the way home.

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