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Great Day @ Redeemer

Aound 500 people packed into the Luther Park Centre at Redeemer Lutheran School in Nuri to enjoy the good news of Jesus from the mouth of little Reception children. They were wonderful and so were their teachers (Particularly Kelly Adams) for helping them give their best to such a large group of scary looking adults!

Young Will Giles was baptised into the community of Jesus and there was plenty of chat time around coffee and tea for some time after the worship service before the BBQ lunch and outdoor activities got under way. The blindfolded wheelbarrow push and goal kicking competitions were a highlight because I won (with help from my son, Daniel)! There were some word games, some guess the length of licorice in the jar and other fun things set up by a few of our St Petri parents (thank you!!).

It is good to just be together for no other reason than just being together and sending time with each other as a community of Jesus.

Thanks to all those who contributed to making our school picnic day really worthwhile.

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