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Good to be back

Today was the first worship service I have led and shared with my home community in three months. It was good to back “home”.

I have spent the last 12 weeks on rest and recreation leave and have enjoyed that. I was able to do some travelling with my wife, some everyday projects at home, some catching up woth friends and metors, some travel out bush by myself and some worshipping the Lord in other communities of faith.

But, it is good to back in the community God has begun and placed me in to shepherd.

The task is before me and all of us to rebuild our community in all kinds of ways as we emerge from a pretty tough 3 years. We really do need to seek God’s blessing and wrestle with God for it, as Jacob knew he had to do in the River Jabbok. How and when and where we do this is both a private and public thing. We will see how the Spirit leads us to seek and receove God’s blessing for our presrnt and future as we seek to build each other up in love and bless each other with affirmation and encouragement.

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