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“Give me my share”

Most people thank that being a Christian is being good. The view held by many is that if I am good and try to be a good person, then GOd should really give me a good life and welcome me into the afterlife when I die. Jesus cracks open this belief in his famous parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15. it is about two sons of a loving father. One tries to get control of his life and the good things his father can provide by living the way he wants and “living it up” in destructive ways. The older son stays home and is very very good. In the parable, Jesus says that BOTH sons are lost. Both are trying to get control of the things their Father has – oner by being very very bad, the other by being very, very good.

Christianity s not being good, it is being with God.

We will talk about this more at St Petri Lutheran Church, 2nd Street, Nuriootpa on Sunday morning at 8.30am ad 10.30am. Feel free to join the conversation…….

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