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Get Ready for a journey in Exodus

Time to get ready for something a little different in our community at Ocean Forest. We are going to be embedding ourselves in part of God’s big story of saving grace and love focussed in on the Book of Exodus on the Old Testament.

There will be three ways of investing your head and heart in this spiritual journey. This blog page will be a main place for personal reflection and even shared comment on-line. Wednesday evenings will be an opportunity to catch up woth people and reflect together in a smaller group setting on what we are hearing about our own Exodus journey and Sunday mornings will be the usual gathering of the community at Ocean Forest where the focus will be on this journey through Exodus.

See below for how it works…..

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A Community Focus in the story of Exodus

August to October 2011 @ Ocean Forest

Sunday Gathering

Week 1 August 21 Exodus 1:8-2:10

Week 2 August 28, Exodus 3:1-15

Week 3 September 4 Exodus 12:1-14

Week 4 September 11 Exodus 14:19-31

Week 5 September 18 Exodus 16:2-15

Week 6 September 25 Exodus 17:1-7

Week 7 October 2 Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-20

Week 8 October 9 Exodus 32:1-14

Week 9 October 16 Exodus 33:12-23

Private Reflection

You can go tothis blog page from Sunday lunch time and reflect on the sermon for that Sunday with additional thoughts/questions/information also available.

You can subscribe to the blog and receive an email every time Pr A posts something and you can even add your own comment for others to read.

Reflection/Learning with others – “Wednesday Night Word”

You can bring your bible and a pen and an open pair of ears and reflect on the previous week’s sermon and blog comments with others in a smaller group setting on Wednesday Nights at 7.30pm in the Chat Room with Pr A. study/reflection following up on previous Sunday

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