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Youth Update1


If you have some connection with St Petri Lutheran Church and you are a young person, then you have the only 2 things you need to qualify for this invitation! 

We would like to invite you to our youth nights this year, starting this Friday 14th March at the St. Petri hall, at 7pm. We are wanting to provide times and places for young people to get together and have fun, get to know each other a bit better, and have a chance to learn more stuff about God and being a Christian young person.

These nights will be pretty chilled because we want to encourage you to feel welcome and free to be yourself. This is about making friendships and being able to talk about things that you are into, and helping each other to grow as young people of God. Anyone aged 13 and above is welcome to come, and all you need to bring is yourself.

Out nights will have some food, some time to chat, and fun stuff. Usually we will meet at the St. Petri hall, but sometimes at other places. We’ll let you know.

Hope you can come.

From the St Petri Youth coordinators. (ie. Luke Rothe, Leanne Kitson, Michael Scheer, Wayne Perry)

PS Next nights planned so far include:

4th April (@ Redeemer)

9th May

30th May


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