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First Baptism at Redeemer and a Funeral of Faith

That’s been my week so far – a packed Luther Park room with the first baptism of a lovely little man named Jack Grope (son of Scott and Lesleah), surrounded by the faith of children on display as the Year two classes led the worship service on Sunday, and then a St Petri church building full of the church – all kinds of Christian people, all with story to tell, as we remembered, thanked the Lord and farewelled Dorrie Nitschke, a faithful loved daughter of God for 88 years.

This is the church and there is no other community on earth like it. I am with Bill Hybels of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, Illinois, USA, when he says (and has said for the lst 25 years on the world stage,

“The local Christian Church is the hope of the world.”

This is the Spirit working through everyday people at St Petri.


Pr A

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