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Fellowship Through Jesus Eyes

FELLOWSHIP:  Through Jesus’ Eyes

St Petri migrates to the Primary school it sponsors – Redeemer Lutheran School in Nuriootpa, to be on the receiving end of children ministering to adults as the year 2 class lead the community in worshipping in Jesus’ name.

“Wherever two or three of you are gathered in my name, I am with you” Matthew 18:20

When I look at a rope of many strands I think of Jesus and his people gathered around him all with that promise of where two or more of us gather in his name, he is with us.

If we imagine ourselves to be one of the many tiny strands that make up a rope then we see a picture of being together in God’s presence in worship.

As we gather together in his name and hear his voice, speak to him, sing about him and to him, receive his forgiveness and life in his gifts of baptism, absolution (forgiveness) and his holy meal, called “COMMUNION’, we are bound together in Him. Together, we are much stronger, more resilient, robust and connected than if we were to fray at the edges and be dangling out there all alone in life.

I know where I would rather be in this bit of frayed rope – in the middle where the binding together is strong, the connection tight and the strength the greatest. Out on the edge things are more difficult, more alone, more disconnected from others and from God.

No wonder the writer of the letter to the Hebrews urges us to stay together often. “Do not give up the habit of meeting together as some are doing….but instead, encourage each other as you see His day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25)

Stay strong, people. Stay together people. Habitually gather in Jesus’ name to receive him and speak with him. This is fellowship through Jesus’ eyes.


Pr Adrian

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